At Voice-Identity, our mission is battling identity theft and securing your digital identity by leveraging the uniqueness of the human voice, using state-of-the-art Voice Biometrics Technology.
We are an emerging high-tech company deploying Voice Biometrics with a Software-as-a-service (SAAS) model.

Sign up for our upcoming OpenID Beta pre-release interest list where you can use your unique voice to significantly strengthen your website login to over 60,000 Websites that integrate with OpenID. The Beta pre-release planned availability is November 30, 2009.

10/05/09 - Voice Identity Announces OpenID Service Alpha
Voice Identity announces their flagship Voice Biometric OpenID service will be available as Alpha in 6 to 8 weeks and will be available in Beta January 1, 2010. Two versions are supported - the Personal edition for Individual users, and PRO edition intended for corporations. This technology will significantly strengthen your website login, protecting Corporate websites against phishing attacks and save your firm from significant losses due to Identity Theft.
08/01/09 - Voice Identity licenses core Technology from Voice Security Systems
Voice Identity has entered into a partnership & licensing agreement to use Voice Security System's Patented passphrase-based voice security algorithm for both Web and Mobile platforms. Keep an eye out for Voice Identity's new Enterprise Apps due to release in early 2010.
07/01/08 - Voice Identity announces plans to support website based login via phone based voice authentication.
Voice-Identity announces authentication by calling your preferred phone - for users without microphone accessibility.
04/01/08 - Voice-identity announces Microphone Based Authentication.
Voice Identity announced today a new product that supports voice print verified logins to partner websites.

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